Our Story


Bonfus© is an Italian family business founded by Niccolo and Stefania Bonfadini.

We are outdoor enthusiasts who aim to create ultralight quality equipment with modern materials and design concepts. We love what we do and we are sure that you will also love our products and the benefits of using ultralight equipment.

We have been sharing a strong passion for the outdoors since a young age. While venturing in the mountains we began, as most people, with the standard, mass-produced and heavy equipment found at local stores, but we were never satisfied with what the market offered. We therefore started, initially as a hobby, to create our own ultralight equipment: quilts, down jackets, tents, packs, winter anoraks and various other accessories. The years passed, our skills in developing and sewing new gear got more refined, and we finally decided to found Bonfus to share our products with other outdoors enthusiasts that value lightweight equipment as a way to enjoy being out in Nature.

Bonfus© started in early 2019 selling ultralight products in Norway and has in 2020 moved to Italy, where the EU branch is now based. From the end of 2020 operations expanded to cover all corners of the globe thanks to our lovely customers and the great retailers we cooperate with. All our gear is sewn directly by us in Mexico, where we run a workshop with talented sewing specialist.

We are proud of being able to directly control all the processes that go into the making of new products: early concepts, choosing materials and suppliers, prototyping, testing, prototyping again, (repeat…), refining details and construction, final production, marketing, and all the way to our amazing customers.

We believe that ultralight equipment can help you enjoy your adventures, because a lighter and smaller pack makes it easier to cover greater distances with less energy and strain on your body.  We hope that with our products we can inspire more people to get out there.

If you have any questions about us or Bonfus©, or just want to have a chat, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Stefania, Niccolo & the whole Bonfus team!

Meet The Team

Stefania Bonfadini, co-founder

To be hiking in the mountains or climbing on a rock wall and to train my spirit through yoga and meditation is what makes me the happiest.
At Bonfus, you will find me overlooking the production department, working with marketing and with our suppliers/logistics!

Niccolo Bonfadini

Niccolo Bonfadini, co-founder

I love exploring every corner of the world on foot or on a bike. I have ventured in some of the most amazing regions of the world, from the Himalayas to the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Perù, and the Italian Alps.
At Bonfus, I work with product development, testing and with you at customer support!

Esmeralda Martinez Ramirez, sewing specialist

Esmeralda works in the tents department and is a master in our team. Thanks to her background in sewing haute couture night dresses she is used to work with delicate fabrics like mosquito mesh and dyneema. Your tent made by Esmeralda will be impeccable!

Caren Ramos Angulo, sewing specialist

Caren is our right arm: she helps with the cutting of fabrics and materials, with the preparation of new product batches and always checks that nothing is left behind.

Carlos Rodriguez Rojas, sewing specialist

Carlos works in the Backpack Department and makes magic with the sewing machine. His backpacks are a piece of art!

Alberto Gutierrez Cortes, sewing specialist

Alberto likes to obsess over details. He puts lots of love and efforts in every product he makes.

Jaime Lopez Estrada, sewing specialist

Jaime is always happy as the sound of a salsa music. He transmits this rythm in every seam he makes while sewing elegant products.