About Us

Stefania Bonfadini, co-founder

To be hiking in the mountains or climbing on a rock wall and to train my spirit through yoga and meditation is what makes me the happiest.
At Bonfus, you will find me overlooking the production department, working with marketing and with our suppliers/logistics!

Niccolo Bonfadini

Niccolo Bonfadini, co-founder

I love exploring every corner of the world on foot or on a bike. I have ventured in some of the most amazing regions of the world, from the Himalayas to the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Perù, and the Italian Alps.
At Bonfus, I work with product development, testing and with you at customer support!

Our Story


Bonfus is a small italian family business founded by Niccolo and Stefania Bonfadini.

We are outdoor enthusiasts who aim to create ultralight quality equipment with modern materials and design concepts. We love what we do and we are sure that you will also love our products and the benefits of using ultralight equipment.

We have been sharing a strong passion for the outdoors since a young age. While venturing in the mountains we began, as most people, with the standard, mass-produced and heavy equipment found at local stores, but we were never satisfied with what the market offered. We therefore started, initially as a hobby, to create our own ultralight equipment: quilts, down jackets, tents, packs, winter anoraks and various other accessories. The years passed, our skills in developing and sewing new gear got more refined, and we finally decided to found Bonfus to share our products with other outdoors enthusiasts that value lightweight equipment as a way to enjoy being out in Nature.

Bonfus started in early 2019 selling ultralight products in Norway and has in 2020 moved to Italy, where the EU branch is now based. From the end of 2020 operations expanded to cover all corners of the globe thanks to our lovely customers and the great retailers we cooperate with. All our gear is sewn directly by us in Mexico, where we run a workshop with talented sewing specialist.

We are proud of being able to directly control all the processes that go into the making of new products: early concepts, choosing materials and suppliers, prototyping, testing, prototyping again, (repeat…), refining details and construction, final production, marketing, and all the way to our amazing customers.

We believe that ultralight equipment can help you enjoy your adventures, because a lighter and smaller pack makes it easier to cover greater distances with less energy and strain on your body.  We hope that with our products we can inspire more people to get out there.

Bonfus manages both design and manufacturing in-house. This way we can ensure that we uphold high-quality working conditions and cultivate a respectful and inclusive work environment for our team members.

Design Phylosophy

Bonfus follows a design philosophy dedicated to seamlessly integrating outdoor gear with the experiences of enthusiasts and adventurers. The design journey begins with hands-on development and testing, incorporating feedback from seasoned hikers to ensure that the gear not only meets but exceeds the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts.

The commitment to “less is more” is evident in Bonfus’s approach to ultralight design, which goes beyond using lightweight materials to strip down products to their core essentials. Bonfus aims to deliver efficient and reliable gear, emphasizing a dedication to essential minimalism that transcends mere aesthetics. Every piece of gear tells a story of exploration, resilience, and a profound connection to the great outdoors, inviting enthusiasts to join a journey where experience meets innovation.

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Practices

With a team of 13 dedicated individuals as of early 2024, Bonfus manages both design and manufacturing in-house. This way we can ensure that we uphold high-quality working conditions and cultivate a respectful and inclusive work environment for our team members. Unlike many outdoor brands that outsource production, we maintain a hands-on approach, prioritizing the well-being and dignity of our employees.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the core of our product development. We consciously choose environmentally friendly fabrics, such as Ultra fabrics with recycled fibers and Dyneema fabrics sourced from bio-based materials. This reflects our dedication to reducing our ecological impact while delivering top-notch outdoor gear.

At Bonfus, our ethos goes beyond crafting quality outdoor gear; it encompasses a commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility. Join us on this journey, where each piece of gear represents not only adventure but also a conscious choice for a better planet.