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Being such a lightweight material, DCF is a little transparent, however you can generally only see the silhouette of the person that is inside the tent and you will be unable to see the details. So feel free to change your clothes without worrying too much!

With direct and strong sunlight hitting your tent, visibility inside the tent might increase somehow.

Our shelters are designed to reduce condensation as much as possible. Please keep in mind that environmental and weather condition play an important role in determining whether you will get condensation. Tents should usually be pitched far from water sources, other wet environments such as marshes and preferably not in low lying areas, if condensation is a concern.

Sometimes such environmental and weather conditions are beyond our control. In these cases, the best we can do is to maximize air circulation inside the tent.

In good weather with light rain and little wind, tent doors can be left open to promote air circulation. The tent can also be pitches higher than the suggested height to provide a gap around the perimeter at the bottom of the tent.

In stormy conditions ventilation opening on top of the tent can be left open. These are supported by a stiffener tube support to be sure that they resist high winds without closing. If desirable, vents can also be closed be removing the stiffening support from the velcro attatchment at its base. Please refer to the description of each product for more information.

Our tents are designed so that you can easily and quickly mount your tent in the field, a great advantage during bad weather conditions. To check how you can set it, please refer to the product page of the tent you are interested in or have purchased. You will find a link to the pitching instruction in the product specs.

Sure! Visit our Materials section for buying components to modify/fix your tent, or simply if you want to build your own gear!


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