A good tent will protect you from wind and rain, giving you the security you need to rest and gather energy for new exciting days out in the wild. 

 The tent is also often one of the heaviest pieces of gear you have in your bag, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We at Bonfus have developed Solus 1P and Duos 2P with modern materials and design concepts to give you a reliable and ultralight tent that will disappear in your pack. 

 The materials we use on the shelter and floor (Dyneema© Composite Fabric) are made of fibers 15 times stronger than steel but at the same time so light that our one-person tent weighs less than half a kilo, and our two-person tent only weighs just over it. 

 Our products are designed to allow you to enjoy your trips in comfort and to do more, with less. 


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With the Solus 1P we introduce one of the most versatile and ultra light tents in the world.
Revolutionary materials and innovative design made possible to create a tent that weighs less than half a kilo, without sacrificing comfort and reliability for Nordic conditions.
The tent follows principles based on minimalism and light weight. All the unnecessary features are taken away to give hikers exactly what they need. Nothing more, nothing less. 



 Capacity 1-person
 Category 3-seasons
 Weight 450 g
 Materials Dyneema© Composite Fabric

Duos 2P is the perfect balance between weight and comfort. With a weight of only 595 grams, this tent disappears in your bag. When set up it will be your fortress in the outdoors, and with a height of about 125-130 cm and total length of 295 cm you do not have to loose comfort when choosing ultralight equipment.
With up to 14 guyout points, six of which are removable according to weather conditions, this is tent will provide reliable protection for your 3-season adventures. 



 Capacity 2-person
 Category 3-seasons
 Weight 595 g
 Materials Dyneema© Composite Fabric