Bonfus is a small family business founded by Niccolo and Stefania Bonfadini, with branches based in Norway, Italy and Mexico.
We are outdoor enthusiasts who aim to create ultralight quality equipment with modern materials and design concepts. We love what we do and we are sure that you will also love our products and the benefits of using ultra
light equipment.

We were both born in northern Italy at the foot of the Alps, but have been living in two different continents for many years. Niccolo is currently based in central Norway, while Stefania is based in Mexico City.

We have been sharing a strong passion for the outdoors since a young age. While venturing in the mountains we began, as most people, with the standard, mass-produced and heavy equipment found at local stores, but we were never satisfied with what the market offered. We therefore started, initially as a hobby, to create our own ultralight equipment: quilts, down jackets, tents, packs, winter anoraks and various other accessories. The years passed, our skills in developing and sewing new gear got more refined, and we finally decided to found Bonfus to share our products with other outdoors enthusiasts that value lightweight equipment as a way to enjoy being out in Nature.

Bonfus started in early 2019 selling ultralight products in Norway, and has at the end of 2019 expanded to the EU thanks to family and friends that run the EU-branch of Bonfus from Monza, Italy. All our gear is developed and tested in Norway and sewn directly by us in Mexico, with lots of love! We are proud of being able to directly control all the processes that go into the making of new products: early concepts, choosing materials and suppliers, prototyping, testing, prototyping again, (repeat…), refining details and construction, final production, marketing, and all the way to our amazing customers.

We believe that ultralight equipment can help you enjoy your adventures, because a lighter and smaller pack makes it easier to cover greater distances with less energy and strain on your body.  We hope that with our products we can inspire more people to get out there. 

If you have any questions about us or Bonfus, or just want to have a chat, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Stefania and Niccolo

Hei! I am Niccolo Bonfadini, civil engineer. I have always loved the outdoors and exploring every corner of the world. The passion for the mountains was passed to me by my sister Stefania as a young teenager. I initially started venturing in wild areas connecting nature photography with backpacking (if you are interested, write my name on google, and you will see some of my older pictures). With time, my outdoor adventures became more and more backpacking, and less photography.
Since then, I have ventured in some of the most amazing regions of the world, from the Himalayas of Ladakh and Solukhumbu, the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, the remote north-west region of Iceland, to more “local” classics as GR20, Tour du Mont Blanc, and the breathtaking wilderness areas here in Norway, which I explore on foot, kayak, bike…
At Bonfus, I work with product development, testing and with you at customer support!

Hola! I am Stefania Bonfadini, industrial engineer. A friend once described me as a hippie engineer” and I think it is true. To be hiking in the mountains or climbing on a rock wall and to train my spirit through yoga and meditation is what makes me the happiest. I have been backpacking countless of times in every corner of the Alps, and especially in my home region of Lombardy. In addition to trekking, my biggest passion is rock climbing which I pursue both in the Alps and in Mexico, where I currently live.
I always wanted to work with something I feel a strong connection to, and with Bonfus I can do precisely that. Being able to create outdoor products and knowing that they are being used by somebody out in the outdoors is an amazing feeling! I put a lot of passion in making our products, and this passion you will find in every seam and detail of our gear.
At Bonfus, you will find me working in the making of the gear, marketing and with our suppliers/logistics!