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Altus Custom Pack

The Altus is our custom frameless pack. With the Altus you can choose exactly the features you want, build the pack to perfectly match your torso length and with the size and fabrics that best suit your outdoor adventures.

From a 28L pack, perfect for SUL endeavours or fast and light overnight trips, to a 48L pack that will be up to multi-day trekking, we have you covered!

The Altus will be the perfect companion for your next adventure.


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Common features to all packs:

• Functional 4-point compression cords that fully cover the pack sides from top to bottom, allowing to significantly reduce pack volume when needed (28L packs have a 3-point compression system due to size).
Big stretchy spandex/nylon front mesh stores a lot of gear.
• Comfortable 11mm (7/16”) thick and 7cm (2.75″) wide shoulder straps, padded with EVA-foam and 3D spacer mesh.
• The attachment points of the shoulder straps to the back panel are reinforced with double layer of fabric, when using DCF2.92 or xPac x21rc, for extra durability and tear resistance.
Chest straps with loops for lightweight hardware-free connection to the daisy chain.
• Drainage hole at each side pocket
Taped seams (only when choosing DCF or Ultra200 as pack material). A pack liner is suggested with xPac fabric in rainy conditions.
• Bonfus attention to detail and love into making gear.


The following section provides an overview of the different options to choose from and their approximate weights. Be aware that with all the options available, final weight might vary a bit from what theoretically calculated. We try our best to provide as accurate measurements as possible and stay on the conservative side, hopefully your pack will weight less!

Note: “right” and “left” sides always refer to the pack when worn, or, equivalently, the right and left when looking at the front mesh pocket.

Pack volume, fabric and size

Pack volume
Weight: starting weight with preselected standard options (excluding removable hip belt): 28L (275g/9.7oz), 38L (300g/10.6oz), 48L (330g/11.6oz).
We offer our backpacks in three different sizes.
•  The 28 L pack (22 L internal volume, 6 L external pockets) is perfect for SUL trips or overnight trips with lightweight gear. Average circumference: 78cm. Unrolled height: 65cm
•  The 38 L pack (30 L internal volume, 8 L external pockets) is perfect for overnight trips or multi-day trips with lightweight gear. Average fcircumference: 85cm. Unrolled height: 75cm
•  The 48 L pack is perfect if you are getting into lightweight gear and want your first frameless pack, or it can be used on expeditions with many days worth of food and lightweight gear. Average circumference: 92cm. Unrolled height: 83cm

Pack fabric
Weight: compared to DCF2.92, Ultra200 adds +17g/0.6oz (28L), +20g/0.7oz (38L), +22g/0.8oz (48L). xPac x21rc adds +53g/1.9oz (28L),+59g/2.1oz (38L), +64g/2.2oz (48L). DCF5.0 adds +61g/2.1oz (28L), +68g/2.4oz (38L), +75g/2.6oz (48L).
DCF packs come fully seam sealed with DCF-tape.
We know, choosing between various fabrics is very hard and it really boils down to personal preferences. Please visit our “materials” page for more information about the technical properties of each fabric. Here is a little summary:

• DCF 2.92 Black or White (99gsm | 2.92oz/sqy) – This well-proven fabric is a 2-layer laminate made up of an outer 50D polyester face and an inner 1.43oz/sqy Dyneema Composite Fabric. It represents the pinnacle of ultralight pack fabrics thanks to its ultralight weight coupled with high tear strength and waterproof properties.
• DCF 5.0 Black (170gsm | 5.0oz/sqy) – WIth a 150D polyester face fabric and higher Dyneema content, this fabric is a tougher version of the DCF2.92, perfect for thru hikes, and adventures that will put the pack to the hardest tests.
Ultra 200 Black or White (119gsm | 3.5oz/sqy) – Probably the most advanced pack fabric on the market. It features woven 200D UHMWPE fibers. At a slight weight increase compared to DCF2.92, the Ultra 200 fabric has 3x higher tear strength, 3x higher UHMWPE fibers content, 7x the abrasion resistance. The backing of the fabric is a .5mil recycled polyester film, that makes the fabric extremely waterproof.
• X-Pac x21 rc Black (149gsm | 4.4oz/sqy) – Waterproof, durable 210 denier double ripstop nylon with a .5 mil polyester PET film backing for waterproofing. In our opinion, xPac x21rc fabric offers the greatest value for the cost.

Bottom fabric
Weight: +5g/0.2oz
This option is only available when choosing DCF 2.92 as main pack fabric. By using DCF 5.0 as the main pack fabric you can improve durability in the area of the pack that is most exposed to wear and Abrasion. DCF 5.0 also allows to keep the seams of the pack waterproof as it can be seam sealed just as DCF 2.92.

Robic® 210D HDPE Fabric for shoulder straps, side pockets and hipbelt
Weight: +20g/0.7oz compared to DCF2.92, +15g/0.5oz compared to Ultra200, +6g/0.2oz compared to xPac x21rc, +3g/0.1oz if used instead of DCF5.0 for shoulder straps, hipbelt wings and side pockets. Only +5g/0.2oz compared to DCF2.92, +4g/0.15oz compared to Ultra200, +1g compared to Xpac x21rc and +0g compared to DCF5.0 if used only for the shoulder straps.
Robic® 210D with Extreema®(HDPE) is an amazing fabric with high abrasion resistance, perfect for use as a side pocket, shoulder straps and hipbelt material. This fabric is less stiff than DCF and Xpac materials, so it better adapts to the curves of the shoulder straps/hipbelt and it is more suited as a side pocket fabric. Plus it adds some more abrasion resistance where you need it. If you can accept the added weight, we suggest to use this fabric as it simply works better than DCF/Xpac in those areas. By choosing “yes” on this option, your pack will be made with this fabric at the shoulder straps, side pocket(s) and the sewn-in hipbelt, where applicable. Of course, if you for example have chosen to have stretchy mesh for the side pockets, the use of Robic® 210D HDPE fabric will not apply to that area.

Torso size
Choosing the correct torso size will make your pack sit more comfortably and adapt to your back. For guidance about how to measure your torso length please refer to our guide below. Please note that the 28L pack will come in one standard size only, due to its limited dimensions. Generally, most people will have a torso length in the range 46-54cm (18″-22″).


Roll top closure system

Roll top strap
Weight: Y-style strap adds +5g/0.2oz
The simple single strap is lighter, more minimalistic and holds the top of the pack secure and compressed. Most items will be hold in place just fine under a single strap. For particularly wide and slippery items, Y-style straps might be a better choice.

Roll top closure
Velcro has faster closing/opening. Snaps are more minimalistic and will not snag on clothes or other objects. We do however use soft velcro that reduces snagging. Both systems will work well, it is all about preferences!


External pockets

Side pockets
Weight: each mesh pocket will add about +10g/0.35oz
Fabric pockets are lower and perfect for fitting water bottles that can be extracted on the go without removing the pack. We use double layer of elastic webbing at the top hem to snugly hold your gear.
Mesh pockets are taller and have higher capacity. Standard mesh is lighter, has incredible 4-way stretch and will work fine on trails. Stronger mesh has less stretch but is more abrasion resistant. The bottom area of the mesh pocket is reinforced with DCF/xPac (depending on what you choose as main pack fabric) for increased abrasion resistance (see pictures).

Bottom pocket
Weight: the bottom pocket adds about +20-23g/0.8oz
The bottom pocket is a handy feature to quickly pull out or store gear, snacks or clothes To be used on the go. This option also helps protecting the fabric at the bottom of the pack. As a standard we use our stronger mash in our bottom pockets.

Mesh fabric
Weight: the stronger mesh adds about +15g/0.5oz for the front mesh pocket, and +8g/0.3oz for each side mesh pocket chosen.
We use stretchy spandex/nylon pack meshes. Our standard mesh has an incredible 4-way stretch. We suggest it for most applications unless you expect a lot of off-trail wandering through bushes or abrasive rocks. The heavier duty option has roughly 2x the abrasion resistance and has less stretch and is heavier than our standard mesh, but will resist to more abrasion and wear.


Shoulder straps and hipbelt

Shoulder straps pockets
Weight: +10g each/0.35oz
With this option you can choose to add sewn-in stretchy mesh shoulder pockets. These pockets are perfect to store objects like a GPS, a phone, snacks, water bottle or other gear that you want to have at close reach. Under the mesh pocket you will still have the daisychain to attach your sternum strap. We think that these pockets are extremely handy to have so we suggest to have a shoulder pocket on at least one shoulder strap. Our favorite combination is to have a stretchy mesh shoulder pocket on the left shoulder strap and a removable shoulder pouch mounted on the daisychain of the right shoulder strap. Removable shoulder pouches can be added in the section “add on accessories”.

Hip belt
Weight: removable webbing hipbelt (+35g/1.2oz), removable padded hipbelt (+80g/2.8oz), sewn-in hipbelt wings (+85g/3oz)
With this option you can either choose to use no hip belt at all, a simple but extremely effective webbing belt, a removable padded hip belt, or sewn-in hipbelt wings (like the ones in our Saccus 48L). The last option is only available when choosing a pack volume of 48 L as the pack needs to be taller to accommodate this option.
We do suggest to use at least the webbing hip belt. Even if not padded, the webbing hip belt helps stabilizing the pack on your back and transfer a part of the load to your hips. Removable padded hipbelts provide more comfort at an additional weight. Sewn-in padded hipbelt wings are the most stable and comfortable option if you want to carry heavier loads, but cannot be removed.



Back panel pad support system
Weight: +10g/0.35oz
This option allows you to attach a foam pad to the back panel of the pack to increase comfort and ventilation. It is an ultralight solution that is very versatile as it can be removed completely if needed.

Front pocket shock cords
Weight: +10g/0.35oz
This options allows you to add a “grid” of shock cords on top of the front mesh pocket. This system can be useful to secure bulky objects like foam mats, Or to hang wet clothes to dry in the sun. It adds very little weight and is completely removable if you wish to reduce weight when necessary.

Ice axe loops
Weight: +5g/0.2oz
Ice axe loops allow you to attach ice exes or other similar gear on the front of your pack. It is made up of a grosgrain webbing at the bottom and an elastic loop towards the top of the front mesh pocket.


Add-on accessories

In the following pages, you will find more information about our add-on accessories:
Fanny pack
Shoulder pouches
Hipbelt pockets

Last but not least. If something is unclear or there are too many options and you are not sure what to choose do not hesitate to contact us! We are gear nerds just like you and it will be a pleasure for us to help you choose the perfect pack features for you.